The Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC)

A University-Affiliated Research Center (UARC) of the US Department of Defense, leverages the research and expertise of faculty, staff, and student researchers from more than 20 collaborating universities throughout the United States. SERC is unprecedented in the depth and breadth of its reach, leadership, and citizenship in Systems Engineering.


The SERC research portfolio is structured into four thematic focus areas:


Call for New Research Proposals

This is a call open to all faculty and research staff at SERC Universities for research proposals. These research proposals will be assessed for funding from the SERC Core funds and other sponsor funding sources as incubator research projects. The need for new project incubation is an integral part of the SERC 2019-2023 Technical Plan.

NDIA's 2019 Human Systems Conference

The 2019 Human Systems Conference will be held by National Defense Industrial Association at Maryland and it offers a dynamic exchange of technical information and dialogue between government, industry, and academic leaders of the Human Systems community who are interested in advancing the field through research, development and collaboration.

SoSECIE: Mission Analysis and Operational Architectures

The System of Systems Engineering Collaborators Information Exchange (SoSECIE) is a web-based seminar series organized by the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (SE) in association with the National Defense Industrial Associations’s SoS Engineering committee.

SoSECIE: Towards Scaling Model-based Engineering for Systems of Systems

This briefing describes an effort to improve the scalability of traditional model-based engineering (MBE) techniques for systems of systems (SoS) applications. On the one hand, the complexity and scale of many SoS suggest that model-based approaches can be an important tool for SoS engineering. On the other hand, this complexity and scale challenges the application of current model-based approaches.


Systems Engineering Research Center

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