The Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC)

A University-Affiliated Research Center (UARC) of the US Department of Defense, leverages the research and expertise of faculty, staff, and student researchers from more than 20 collaborating universities throughout the United States. SERC is unprecedented in the depth and breadth of its reach, leadership, and citizenship in Systems Engineering.


The SERC research portfolio is structured into four thematic focus areas:


Call for Papers: 2020 IEEE Systems Security Symposium

The IEEE-INCOSE-NDIA Systems Security Symposium seeks research papers and application studies which focus on the development of secure, safe, and resilient systems. This symposium attempts to address the convergence of cybersecurity, safety, and engineering with interest in the effective application of security principles, methods, and tools to complex systems such as cyber-physical systems, autonomous systems, transportation vehicles, medical devices, large IoT systems, and other systems of interest.

SERC TALK VIDEO AVAILABLE: “Can DevOps Practices Be Applied to Cyber-Physical Systems Development?”

The video for the June 5, 2019, SERC Talk presented by Dr. Steve Mayner, SAFe Fellow and Principal Consultant is now available on the SERC YouTube Channel, along with past Talks. Dr. Mayner’s Talk explored “Can DevOps Practices Be Applied to Cyber-Physical Systems Development?” as the final Talk of our three part series on “Applying DevOps to Complex Muti-Organization Systems.”

SERC TALKS: “What is the role of a Reference Architecture in research and development of autonomous and/or cooperative systems?”

The Autonomy and Navigation Technology (ANT) Center at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) has begun development of a new Reference Architecture for Autonomy to begin to answer the myriad of needs within research, development and testing of autonomous and/or cooperative systems. This Reference Architecture will initially cater to small unmanned aerial and ground vehicles and the interfaces and operators that would be used to direct these vehicles in accomplishing tasks. The framework should be flexible to allow achievement of effective mission capabilities with autonomous and cooperative agents.

NDIA's 22nd Annual Systems and Mission Engineering Conference 

This conference will focus on improving acquisition and performance of Defense programs and systems, including system – of – systems engineering, systems security, net-centric operations and data/information interoperability, and all aspects of system sustainment. This conference is sponsored by the National Defense Industrial Association, Systems Engineering Division, in cooperation with IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, IEEE Systems Council and the International Council on Systems Engineering,

7th Annual SERC Doctoral Students Forum

Held as one part of the SERC Research Review, the SERC Doctoral Students Forum (SDSF) provides an opportunity for doctoral students conducting highly relevant, systems engineering-related research at any of the SERC collaborating universities to present their research in an open forum in front of colleagues from other universities, sponsoring organizations and members of FFRDCs and industry.


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