The Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC)

A University-Affiliated Research Center (UARC) of the US Department of Defense, leverages the research and expertise of faculty, staff, and student researchers from more than 20 collaborating universities throughout the United States. SERC is unprecedented in the depth and breadth of its reach, leadership, and citizenship in Systems Engineering.


The SERC research portfolio is structured into four thematic focus areas:


DAU launches Webcast Series with SERC

The Digital Readiness Webcast Series is a collaboration between the Defense Acquisition University and the System Engineering Research Center. This 9-part webcast series will be centered around the following themes: Digital Engineering, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


The Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) and INCOSE invite you to complete a survey about the impact of COVID-19 at various levels. In particular, we are interested in learning about your thoughts on the current impact on the field of systems engineering and you as a professional.

New Release: SEBoK v2.2

The editorial team behind the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) recently released version 2.2, with some noteworthy changes and additions.   This release marks the 7th anniversary of SEBoK which has now encountered over 4 million page views and continues to engage the greater systems community.


The March 2020 issue of INSIGHT addresses augmented and artificial intelligence (AI) for systems engineering (AI4SE) and systems engineering for augmented and artificial intelligence (SE4AI). SE4AI addresses the transformation we need in methods, procedures, and tools (MPTs) to engineer systems with embedded AI to be fit for purpose and doing no (unintended) harm. AI4SE addresses challenges that have to be overcome to leverage AI in the practice of systems engineering much as a lever or pulley provides mechanical advantage to perform work in Newtonian mechanics.

SERC TALKS: “'Mission Engineering': Systems of Systems Engineering in Context"

Recently US Defense has started to apply systems engineering concepts and practices to missions in what is being termed ‘Mission Engineering” - the deliberate planning, analyzing, organizing, and integrating of current and emerging operational and system capabilities to achieve desired mission effects. In this presentation Dr. Dahmann will discuss the motivation for employing systems approaches to mission capabilities as an extension and a broader context for application of systems of systems engineering.

14th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference (SYSCON 2020)

The IEEE Systems Council facilitates interactions among communities of interest on system-level problems and applications, with the Annual IEEE International Systems Conference as a regular touch point. System-level thinking is essential in the world today, not only for technical systems, but also for society at large. The Council addresses the discipline of systems engineering, including theory, technology, methodology, and applications of complex systems, system-of-systems, and integrated systems of national and global significance.

2020 SERC Research Review

This two-day event unites the government, industry, and university systems engineering research community in order to share research progress and discuss the most challenging systems engineering issues facing the Department of Defense (DOD) as well as other federal departments and agencies.


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